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Client and Student Testimonials

"Tanis is an exceptional professional with a combination of insight and intellectual understanding that is rare to find. Her humility and wisdom have changed my life by helping me see more clearly my own strengths and how to actualize them in my life."
-Barbara Susan Booth, Director of Sacred Wisdom Centre

"Tanis, a master in energetic healing, is a significant mentor in my journey towards the Light. She is a peaceful, authentic woman, wise, compassionate and heart-centered, who intends each day to live from her higher self and reflect back to the world the loving face of Source Consciousness (God)."
-Anne Bourke, psychotherapist

"Tanis's Advanced Energy healing is the most profound healing I know. With Tanis, the issue you work on dissolves; it's truly healed and simply doesn't exist any longer. It becomes a memory with no emotional baggage. Tanis is an outstanding teacher. She freely shares her knowledge and skills with her students and helps them develop their own unique way of doing things. In addition, she insists that each student be engaged in his or her own healing and spiritual growth, as healers can lead others only as far as they themselves have travelled."
-Ellie Fuke - Doctor of Naturopathy

"I have known Tanis for the past eleven years as both her client and her student. As a gifted healer and an exceptional teacher, she has helped me to experience the true nature of healing. Working with Tanis is a very personally empowering experience. You are an active participant as she helps you to heal the wounded parts of your 'self' that create the challenges and problems in everyday life. I have found each session with Tanis is a process of personal transformation that moves like a beautiful wave through every aspect of being human…body, mind and soul. I am truly grateful to her for the healing work she has done and continues to do with me. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in strengthening their spiritual connection."
-Wendy Robertson, RN, retired Business owner

"Tanis is a very gifted and incredibly insightful teacher and healer. As a teacher she presents her material in a clear and easily understandable way. As a healer she is able to bring insight and reach depths that few others can access. Tanis has a unique gift of perceiving the energy of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies equally well. By identifying and removing blocks in the energy body of her client, the client can then heal long held false belief systems and become whole. Her courses are taught in a clear and organized manner and presented in a way for all participants to benefit. My husband and I have both benefited greatly from individual sessions and classes, and I highly recommend both her classes and personal healing sessions. Tanis truly is a great light, and a gift to this world."
-Anika Schafer, Yoga Teacher, Registered Massage Therapist and Energy Healer

"I have had many wonderful teachers and I experienced Tanis as being one of the best! I find her very intuitive, high in integrity, very loving and supportive and above all she walks her talk! There are so many things I learned from her. The most life changing ones were; I really 'got' through experience that I was not my Ego and how to feel the difference between my Ego and My Higher Self. How to go back on the time line and make a different choice, which totally changed the experience and therefore my life. And probably most importantly, how to connect with my Higher Self and the Universal Love. If you want to understand energy and connect to the Higher Ones, I recommend you spend time with Tanis!"
-Pat Menaul, coach

"Whether it's through her mentoring program, weekend workshops or private sessions, Tanis has revolutionized my view of reality and has helped me to effect profound changes in my life. I am so grateful that the web of life connected me with her."
-Louise Spilsbury, MSc, chemist

"Tanis' tremendous abilities as a healer, energy tracker and mentor have led to amazing breakthroughs for me in my journey to wholeness. In sessions with her I have healed present life issues, past life issues as well as bringing in deep healing for some of those issues that have been plaguing the whole of humanity. I am deeply grateful for Tanis' wonderful gifts and the progress I have made due to her skills applied to my life."
-Mari Sargent, Licenced Celebrant & Energy Healer

"Tanis' intuitive skills and in-depth understanding of the workings of the human energy field enable her to create a very sacred and safe healing space. With her help I have healed old wounds and made lasting and meaningful changes to my life."
-Heather Cain, Plant Spirit healer & Reflexologist.

"Living in a natural environment is the place where I have always felt most at home. Tanis has shown me how to establish and maintain the energetic and spiritual connections that allow me to achieve full awareness of the details and wonders that surround me in the forest. I am grateful to be learning how to maintain those same connections while I am in the urban environment. Tanis showed me a path for a wonderful connection with spirit, and she continues to support my journey as I learn how to sustain that connection each day."
-Bill Clarke, geologist

"Tanis Day has been a brilliant teacher, a miraculous healer and a sage compatriot for me on my journey of spiritual growth. I thank the Divine for her everyday as I make my way with her continued guidance and love. Most significantly, she has shown me how to access my higher self and ultimately the web of life where all is possible."
-Susan Prosser R.N., B.Sc.N, M.A., Senior Associate, Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group

"I had my first energy healing experience with Tanis 8 years ago. She showed me how to get in touch with my inner children and release false beliefs I carried with me throughout my life. The time I spent with her was truly a life altering experience. Today I just need to think about Tanis and it brings a certain peace to my life. Tanis now works with my children. She gives me insight on where they are within themselves and in their lives, she gives me guidance on what I can do to help them grow. Tanis is truly a blessing from God and we are blessed to have her in our lives."
-Marilyn Hughes, Mom

Working with Tanis enabled me to access past lives and experience deep levels of energy healing. Tanis is a truly gifted and loving healer who empowers self-healing."
-DK, Police Officer

"Working with Tanis has been an enlightening experience. With her guidance, using Advanced Energy Healing has allowed me to access blockages within myself, gently heal them, and move toward transformation. I feel I have renewed energy, vitality, and lightness as a result."
-Wanda Ottewell, editor

"I got ten years worth of therapy in the first session."
-MD, police dispatcher.