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Table of Contents: The Whole You

The Whole You:

Healing and Transformation through Energy Awareness

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Figure 1 – Layers of the Human Energy Fields

Figure 2 – Schematic Impression of the Chakra System

Figure 3 – The Emotional Body

Figure 4 – The Mental Body

Figure 5 – The Soul Field

Figure 6 – The Monadic Field or the Higher Self


Introduction: The Nonphysical World

1. Becoming Conscious of Consciousness

Consciousness as Raw Material

Making Things Matter

The Power of Choice

Practical Exercises:

Moving your Point of Awareness

Witnessing your Energetic Reactions

‘Coming In’ from the Mental Body

2. Overview of the Human Energy Fields

Perceiving the Energy Fields

The Layers of Dimensions

The Chakra System

Chakras come in Sets of Three

The Seven Body Chakras

3. The Personality: This Lifetime’s Experience

The Unaware Personality

Bringing Awareness to the Personality

The Emotional Body

Practical Exercises:

Exploring your Emotional Body

Feeling Emotions

The Mental Body

Practical Exercises:

Exploring Your Mental Body

Finding Memories

How the Emotional and Mental Bodies Work Together

Practical Exercises:

Exploring the Mental-Emotional Interaction

4. Don’t Believe Your Beliefs

Illusion and Projection

Why we believe our beliefs

5. The Soul Level: Past Lives and the Collective Unconscious

Perceiving the Soul Field

Re-incarnation and the Etheric Template

Identical Twins

Healing with the Etheric Template


Soul Patterns

Spiritual Contracts

Why We Forget

Practical Exercises:

Exploring the Soul Field

6. The Higher Dimensions

The Monad

The Master Level

The Co-Creative Dimension

Unified Consciousness

Practical Exercises:

Exploring the Higher Dimensions

7. Making Use of Guidance

Receiving Input

Asking Questions

Interpreting Accurately

8. Demystifying the Dark

Personal Dark

Dark Consciousness

The Human-Dark Relationship

The Solution

Practical Exercises:

Recognizing Dark Consciousness

Breaking your Contracts

9. Putting it all Together - Self-Realization

Self-Realization through Self-Awareness




10. Putting it All Together - Healing

Healing when Triggered

Healing Specific Topics

Healing as a Tune-Up

Physical Healing

Cross-Fertilization in Healing

11. Putting it all Together – Spiritual Enlightenment

The Evolving Mind

The Energy Fields as a Map to Enlightenment

The Soul Merge

The Monadic Merge

The Higher Merges

Practical Exercises:

Assuming Beliefs are not True

What did I learn today?

Dissolving Identity

Exploring the Higher Chakras