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Masculine and Feminine Energies

Masculine and Feminine Energies

All people have both masculine and feminine energies in their bodies, their fields and their psyches. Feminine energies tend to be felt on the left side of the body and masculine energies on the right. We all have inner relationships made up of our inner masculines and inner feminines. It is very worthwhile to spend time getting to know these inner agents and to heal them using the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Words to describe the human experience of masculine energies, archetypes and cultural projections:

positive attributes: active, intelligent, logical, rational, linear, determined, reliable, strong, stable, protective, sensible, heroic, focused, single-minded, practical, goal-oriented, consistent, predictable, capable, smart, rugged, ordered, disciplined.

negative attributes: rigid, stubborn, aggressive, tough, ruthless, violent, non-communicative, self-centered, authoritative, dominating, dogmatic, closed-minded, autocratic, rule-bound, heartless.

Words to describe the human experience of feminine energies, archetypes and cultural projections:

positive attributes: soft, warm, sweet, kind, loving, nurturing, gentle, creative, receptive, flexible, adaptable, yielding, forgiving, understanding, caring, care-giving, serving, passive, peaceful, open-minded, beautiful, mysterious, spontaneous, ever-changing, inspirational.

negative attributes: weak, emotional, irrational, illogical, unpredictable, bitchy, stupid, powerless, manipulative, controlling, indecisive, fickle.


Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the Divine Union

Love is the building block of the entire Universe. Love is experienced in exchange, as a flow of giving and receiving. Love is known in the embrace of two. Ultimately for our species, love is known in the embrace of two people, with partner-intimate love being the fundamental relationship. In parent-child love, friend-friend love, sibling, grandparent or other familial relationship love, human-animal love, human-plant love, or any other pairing we will also experience the giving and receiving of love.

In order to truly know divine love, we can access it and bring it into our bodies through discovering the power of the Divine Marriage or Divine Union. This is the true expression of divinity through the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine love-bond.

Divine Masculine is loving, strong, consistent, trustworthy, protective, loyal, perceptive, responsive, respectful, humourous, giving, caring, supportive, reliable, hard-working, unconditionally accepting, guiding, willing to take leadership when necessary. Divine Masculine has strength and resilience and reliability like an oak tree.

Divine Feminine is loving, gentle, strong, soft, flowing, creative, resourceful, all-embracing, giving, caring, nurturing, perceptive, respectful, unconditionally accepting, humourous, beautiful, intelligent, graceful, yielding. Divine Feminine has strength and flexibility and beauty like a willow tree.

The Divine Union is perfectly balanced, unconditionally accepting, unconditionally loving, honouring, respectful, light-hearted, profound, ancient, and flows seamlessly back and forth between the two in an infinite stream. The two seem almost to merge into One, while still retaining their own particular Essence. The two are mutually enhancing, complementary, so supportive of each other that their union is far bigger than either of them alone could be alone. The total far exceeds the sum of its parts. The love that is felt in their embrace is true Divine Love.


written 2012


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