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The people linked to below are all former clients or students of Tanis Day and the School of Energy Enlightenment who have incorporated what they have learned with Tanis into their work.

Jackie McMillan: thrivewithautism.ca   Jackie has been supporting fellow autistics, parents, educators, health and therapeutic professionals since 1993. She is a wellspring of information about ways to thrive with autism.

Karen Nancarrow: indigo-tutoring.com   Karen is a teacher with 25 years of experience teaching kids with learning disabilities, autism and a variety of learning disabilities. Karen is also in the Advanced program at SEE.

Erika Ristok: familynaturopathicclinic.com   Erika is a Doctor of Naturopathy who is also studying to become an MSW. She is passionate about inspiring her clients and guiding them to optimal health through integration of body, mind and spirit.