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About the Body of Knowledge

Human Energy FieldsHuman Energy Field

The Body of Knowledge

Building blocks of the School of Energy Enlightenment content:

Each of the following topics represents a rich vein of information. Some topics could be covered within one teaching day at the in-person School. Other topics would be returned to many times over to cover all the material. The earlier topics are building blocks for most of the later information. The total body of knowledge is covered over 48 in-class days, or approximately 300 in-class hours.

  1. The human energy fields: emotional, mental, soul, Higher Self, Master, Co-Creative. Realizing there is an energetic geography and learning to locate and move your point of awareness within it.
  2. The chakra system. Content and meaning of all the chakras, including the higher chakras, 7 to 18.
  3. The importance of working through the Crown chakra, not the Third Eye. Eliminating mental interpretations.
  4. The importance of feeling and sensing over thinking. The need for a well-functioning emotional field when interacting with Higher Energies. The nature of Subtle energies.
  5. Meditation: how to successfully leave the mental field and sit in pure awareness. Uncoupling awareness from thinking. Accessing pure consciousness.
  6. Recognizing projections and illusion as a mirror of the self. Not believing your beliefs. Having no opinions. Discovering how beliefs create reality.
  7. Connecting directly with Higher Self, Guides, Masters, Angels etc for unconditional peace, love and guidance. Using the higher chakras through the crown chakra to access all spirit dimensions.
  8. The importance of the Heart chakra and of living through the heart. Receiving and transmitting unconditional love and compassion, from Spirit and for all life.
  9. Developing relationships with Higher Self and Guidance for intuition and insight. Being given a yes/no signal. Using the axis of the Heart for guidance.
  10. Honing intuition, improving accuracy in interpretation. Recognizing intuitive signals. Direct access and direct knowing. Avoiding mental interpretations.
  11. Basics of healing: how to enter a congested energy, let it reveal its consciousness, and get the content connected with Higher Energies.
  12. Understanding the nature of negative consciousness or dark energy. Understanding it as a parasite and not a valid inner voice. Recognizing its voice and intentions. Separating it from Self.
  13. Learning how to permanently clear negative consciousness or dark energy from the energy fields.
  14. Developing energetic perception. Clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. Working with your hands. Perceiving, rather than just 'seeing'. The uniqueness of individual capacities.
  15. The relevance of the timeline stored in the mental field. Accessing it for healing. Realizing that every moment of life is recorded in full detail and held in the mental field, like 'body memory'. Feeling how this works.
  16. The importance of childhood and all the inner children in creating the adult. Honouring the inner kids and getting to know and love them.
  17. Healing skill: how to heal source stories, the original moment an energetic pattern was created.
  18. Healing skill: chakra walk and chakra ladder, chakra balancing, breathing through the chakras.
  19. Healing skill: Awareness Release Technique (ART)
  20. Healing skill: Energetic Dialogue (ED)
  21. Healing skill: Inner Child Healing (IC)
  22. Mental illnesses as energetic conditions. The differing energetic systems of depression, psychosis and schizophrenia in particular. Also the energies of suicidal ideas.
  23. Sub-personalities as energetic constructs. A made-up self who responds to fears. Learning to live from the Authentic self instead.
  24. Energetic defense systems, your own and others. Patterns of defense and reaction. Finding safety through your Higher Self instead.
  25. Soul characteristics, soul types. Understanding the role of your soul. Authentic self.
  26. Past-lives and their influence, both individual and collective. Recognizing important lives in your own soul's growth. 
  27. Humanity as one organism. Collective soul history. Archetypal beliefs. Humanity-wide traits.
  28. Negative consciousness or dark energy at the soul level. Irrational fears and beliefs. Negative consciousness in the collective. Clearing dark from the soul level.
  29. Healing skill: Healing past-life traumas, for self and for humanity. Accessing source stories in the soul field and healing the original life.
  30. Communicating with animals and plants at the soul level. Etheric creatures.
  31. Healing skill: The etheric body, template or blue-print. Healing with the etheric template. Healing the etheric template itself if needed.
  32. Healing skill: Re-inserting the etheric template after illness or injury.
  33. Healing skill: Energetic connection with another person.
  34. Signals that you are living in Truth or not.
  35. Spiritual and healing tools for everyday life. Many different types of personal spiritual and healing practices including sound healing, meditation practices, journalling, and many more.
  36. Using the energies of the Four Directions to organize life: East, South, West and North as guidance, inspiration, development, carry-through, contemplation, sharing, reflection, spiritual connection. The Seven Arrows as a personal spiritual practice.
  37. Healing skill: Dream analysis, accessing the energies in the dream, accessing the message of a dream directly without mental interpretation.
  38. The energetics of relationships, how chakras interact with other people, soul level relationships, karma.
  39. Healing Skill: Learning to scan the energetic interactions between two (or more) people. Observing how their chakras are interacting. Learning processes for analyzing relationships and improving them.
  40. Group consciousness, how it forms, how it works through the individuals. How powerful it can be.
  41. Healing Skill: Learning to scan the energies of the Group Consciousness, and how the individuals are interacting with it.
  42. Masculine and feminine energies, both human and Divine. The Divine Union.
  43. The history of men and women on the planet and how this affects us all through the soul field of humanity. 
  44. Healing skill: inner masculine and inner feminine process. Discovery of Divine Love.
  45. The Power of Love. The journey to love, in love and as love. The mystical path of the Beloved, with and without a human partner.
  46. The mystical path of union with God (Source, Universe, Creator, Oneness) through surrender. Surrender of attachments, of beliefs, of self-identity...
  47. Healing skill: surrender to God (Source, Universe, Creator, Oneness) from within an energy.
  48. What is Mastery? Understanding Mastery and how it affects the individual. Attaining personal and spiritual mastery. Master level work. Discovering your Higher Purpose and fulfilling it.
  49. What is Ascension? The energetic journey to enlightenment. What is happening at significant times on the journey when we merge with a higher field. Soul merge, Monadic merge, etc.
  50. The Now of Happiness. Living as the embodiment of Higher Self at all times and places. Choosing love in every moment. The Wow of Now: cresting the wave of positivity.
  51. The Holosphere. Getting the quantum truth of life and choosing co-creation in every moment. Realizing how consciousness creates reality in quantum ways and how to operate the human vehicle to maximize happiness for all.