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About Tanis


Tanis Day, PhD


Tanis Day, PhD, has been a lifelong spiritual seeker, and for over 25 years, a uniquely gifted energy healer and spiritual teacher. In the 90s she studied alternative practices extensively, including energy healing, energetic awareness, nature connection, shamanic practices, Sufism and the mystical path of surrender, and completed a four-year program to become a Certified Advanced Energy Healer. Before that, she applied her unusual perspective to social change as a feminist professor of economics at Queen's University and is internationally known for her pioneering work measuring the economic costs of violence against women and children. She specializes in seeing the unseen, making the invisible aspects of life become real, both globally and individually. She aims to live as the everyday embodiment of the higher consciousness of love.


Tanis approaches both healing and enlightenment through energy awareness. She teaches about all the fields of human consciousness, how to access them and make use of them for healthy, happy, whole-self living. This work transforms individual lives and relationships at the deepest levels. She has developed a profound gift for perceiving subtle energies and both uses this in her one-on-one work, and teaches others how to perceive energies intuitively as well. Her unusual blend of spiritual depth and intellectual rigour make her teachings grounded, accessible and uniquely inspiring. She meets each client or student lovingly, exactly as they are, helping them to develop their own talents and higher purpose. She is friendly and engaging, and her classes are filled with laughter and stories from her life as a single mother of five, a writer, seeker, entrepreneur and sacred activist. At The Mindful Hub in Kitchener, Tanis offers one-on-one sessions, a variety of one-off workshops and trainings, and her two year School of Energy Enlightenment program to attain personal and spiritual mastery through energy awareness.


The foundation of Tanis's work is available in her book, The Whole You: Healing and Transformation through Energy Awareness.  


My promise to you:

Here are twelve developments you will master in your personal life

over the first two years at the School of Energy Enlightenment: 

1. To connect reliably with your own Higher Energies and live with the loving support of daily Spiritual Guidance
2. To transcend your egoic mental view of life and live comfortably from your Higher mind, with wisdom and happiness always available 
3. To recognize and clear dark consciousness from your fields, to heal negative beliefs permanently, including beliefs from past lives, and to stop getting re-triggered by the same issues
4. To improve all your relationships and understand the energy dynamics of any group you're a member of, to develop your sovereignty in all relationships
5. To deepen, expand and enrich your experiences of meditation, prayer, or any other spiritual or religious practice
6. To improve and maintain your physical health and well-being, to work toward healing physical disorders, to sleep well and rest well
7. To develop a variety of healing skills for personal use or for working with others
8. To develop your highest purpose for living and progress toward fulfilling your own unique vision
9. To embrace the evolution of your own life and the evolution of humanity, to engage in sacred activism in the inner and outer worlds
10. To develop perceptual awareness skills to observe energy, energy patterns or energy fields in everyday life, in healing work and in Nature
11. To intimately know and trust the love of Spirit and to see that love in all people and all life everywhere
12. To embody Spirit and become a carrier of spiritual Truth


 For more information:

Call 519 744-6231

or email info@energyenlighten.com