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Two Year Curriculum

Course 1: Energy Awareness

Introducing the skills of energy awareness and the perception of energy, Learning to access and make use of all the human energy fields and chakras, Exploring the higher spiritual energies, Using and maintaining the emotional body, Understanding how energy healing happens in the fields. (Pre-requisite for all other courses.)

This course teaches the foundation of all the esoteric energy work. It covers:

  • the human energy fields, how to feel them and make use of them on purpose
  • the chakras, including the higher chakras
  • the nature of dark consciousness and how to deal with it
  • the nature of your spiritual Higher Energies, and the relationships you can develop for profound love and guidance
  • the nature of past lives and how they influence present day experience, both individually and collectively
  • what meditation is and simple techniques to maximize your meditation experiences
  • relating to yourself and the world through energy awareness and developing energetic perception both internally and externally
  • the basics of healing through accessing the different fields
  • the energetic nature of Enlightenment and Ascension

You will learn

  • to recognize and manage your real emotions
  • to recognize when you are stuck in habits of thought and to step away from that egoic illusion
  • to recognize the unique signature of your own soul nature and feel it prompting your daily life
  • to connect in a profoundly loving embrace with your own Higher Energies for immediate assistance through unconditional support and Guidance
  • to recognize differences among the Higher Energies and how they work with you
  • to disengage from your relationships with negative thoughts and inner shaming voices, and begin to clear those invasive energies from your fields
  • a variety of energetic and spiritual tools for daily use that will improve your life dramatically.

Specific Topics

1. Energy Awareness, opening to energetic principles and practices for living in awareness of energetic patterns, signatures, experiences etc

2. Human Energy Fields: exploring, experiencing, in self and others

- Personality level: this lifetime. Includes Emotional Field and Mental Field, beliefs, uniqueness, history, illusion

- Soul Field: past lives, human history, core patterns

- Higher Energy Fields of Spirit, accessing, recognizing and receiving

3. Consciousness of the seven body Chakras, exploring and discovering the content and state of the chakras

4. Accessing the Higher Energies (HE) of Spirit, Guidance

Using the Higher Energies in everyday life for comfort, guidance and alignment. Building inner relationships with HE and Guidance.

5. Introduction to the existence of dark consciousness in both personality and soul fields:

- recognition of patterns, voices, habits

- patterns of wounded beliefs: bad, alone, not good enough, unworthy, powerless, not safe

6. Using the Emotional Field in everyday life, Emotional Maintenance, Recognizing needs

Maintenance of the Emotional Field: includes variety of practices for mastering the Emotional Body 

7. For Healers: Hands open, channeling energies, feeling into chakras, shifting with Higher Energies, experiencing different energies. Idea of Energetic Connection.

Healing skills

Energy Awareness, subtle energy sensation, starting clairvoyance etc

Locating and describing an energy in the body, moving awareness

Consciousness of the chakras

Entering the emotional body for healing

Identifying needs and understanding how needs affect outcomes

Using the Higher Energies to transmute energy patterns, get needs met, challenge beliefs

Opening hands and beginning scanning

Recognizing the template of the Higher Energies, own and other peoples'

Recognizing dark energy and beginning to clear it


Course 2: The Spirit Dimensions

Exploring meditation practices, Developing and honing intuition, Developing spiritual guidance, Discovering the infinite power of love, Attaining non-dual reality from within your energy fields, Living in the now of spiritual truth,  Accessing the higher chakras, Becoming empty, Transmitting spirit. (Pre-requisite: Course 1)

1. Honing Intuition and Guidance, living with Spirit. Listening, receptivity, following. Establishing signals and inner relationships. Meeting Masters, Guides, Angels, etc.

2. The power of Love, living through the Heart. Living as Spirit, an open conduit. Embodying the HE. Following the mystic path of unity with God Consciousness. Utter uniqueness of each being. Co-creating self. Empowerment as Spirit having a human experience. Attaining non-dual reality and living in the now from within your energy fields.

3. Styles of meditation.

4. Energetic and spiritual initiations: Soul Merge, Monadic Merge. Necessity of transforming the soul as well as the personality. Where are you still saying No to Love and still believing negative perceptions and beliefs?

5. A day in the woods to awaken nature awareness and Unity Consciousness through manifest reality & its many souls. Tracker style shamanic oneness, communication with plants etc

6. Starting clairvoyance, clairsentience; further developing hands sensitivity through Heart. Beginning to notice personal strong suits and weak suits in energetic awareness and manipulation, (ie visual, clairsentient sensing, direct knowing... Notice and begin to develop your own unique style and strength) 

7. Consciousness of the Higher Chakras, Channeling from each extroverted chakra.

Healing Skills

Breathing Love, etc.

"Receiving whatever I need"

52 Faces of Love

Getting Yes/No

Axis of the Heart

Scanning with hands to augment intuitive info


Course 3: The Personality Dimension

Exploring the personality level, Working with inner children, Harnessing the mental body, Healing sub-personalities, Understanding human archetypes, Revealing and transforming the patterns of the ego.

1. Discovering the patterns of the Mental Body (MB), holosphere. Self-witnessing of all habits of thought. Claiming it as belonging only to self. Recognizing the personal patterns of the unaware personality, wounds, patterns of speech, etc. Recognizing self-identity, attachments, reactions, opinions, prejudices both for and against, projections, etc.

2. Understanding how the material of the MB got laid down. The actors and factors from within and without. Recognizing the role of the timeline and history. Sensing the magnetic power of the MB and how it creates illusion. Recognizing illusion.

3. Not believing beliefs. Choosing the Higher Energies (HE) perspective. Seeing life the way Spirit sees it. 100% responsibility implies can change! New options from HE and living in the now with and as spirit.

4. Rocognizing Sub-Personalities and their roles in life. Identifying them, naming them.

5. Discerning dark voices from own thoughts. Claiming the right to have your own life. Understanding how the dark gets in through vulnerability, needs and thoughts. The seduction, the contract and the betrayal. Knowing the child will always get tricked by the dark.

6. Importance of the children in inner patterns. Child created the personality. Child interpretations and beliefs about self and all life. Using the HE for freedom of the child, to thrive and grow strong and free, to receive Truth. Praise, celebration and cherishing of the inner children! Building inner relationships.

7. For Healers: Locating energies and opening their stories. Using the HE to reconfigure beliefs. Inner Child process. Basic ART as access to the MB.

Healing Skills

Locating foggy or diffuse energies within  

Inner Child process

Basic Awareness Release Technique, for self

Sub-Personality process 


Course 4: The Soul Dimension

Exploring the soul dimension, Healing past lives, Revealing and healing core issues, Eliminating negative consciousness, Healing defense mechanisms, Enabling authentic living.

1. Accessing the Soul Field and past lives. Recognition of the collective experience. Victims and victimizers. We all have it all.

2. Healing for all humanity. Reclaiming our species for ourselves. Choosing the Higher Energies (HE) on behalf of all humanity. Leaving our souls clearer at the end of life than the beginning.

3. Dark Consciousness in more detail. Dark contracts reappearing in current life. Passing the dark forward through time. Types of dark energies. Recognizing what you`re up against in a healing. Neutrality. The wounds of Humanity.

4. Using HE to heal current and past life source stories through ART and ED. Breaking contracts. Dialoguing with dark without getting triggered by it.

5. Karmic patterns. Soul level experiences. Soul level relationships.

6. Uniqueness of each soul, soul-inspired personality as a good ambassador, Astrological configurations

Healing Skills

Basic Energetic Dialogue (ED), for self

Opening Soul level, past life stories

Healing the Source Story, for self

Dialoguing with dark consciousness from neutrality


Course 5: Personal Healing Skills for Deep Transformation

Using Personal Healing Skills for Deep Transformation, Deep Inner Work, Various techniques.

Use of Awareness Release Technique, Energetic Dialogue and Inner Child process for self

Creativity in healing

Locating and opening energies, using HE to transform, complete healing of a source story with HE

Accessing own chakras with hands, channeling and healing skills combined

Chakras of a chakra, the Chakra Walk

Recognizing when you're triggered, habits for personal healing, self-care, spiritual healing

Healing Skills:

Chakra balancing

Chakra Walk

Breathing colours, HE, intention, etc by chakra

Popping the core of an energy

Channeling types of energies through your hands from Spirit


Course 6: Relationships and Groups

Energies of Relationships, Masculine & Feminine Energies, Group Consciousness, the Beloved.

1. Energetics of Relationships, communication between chakras or chakra talk, mixed messages. Common patterns of chakra interactions.

2. Relationship chakra walk, recognition of personal contributions and patterns. Recognition of your own dark responses and what they call back.

3. Masculine and feminine energies, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Divine Marriage. Path of the Beloved.

4. Group consciousness, how it works, how to affect it, how not to be affected by it as much as possible. How God/Spirit flows into physical reality through us, and creates something absolutely new with each combination of individuals. Recognizing the Group energies of life, both good and bad.

5. How projections work and why they mirror self but are wrong about Other; how inner beliefs create outer reality. Archetypes and the power of beliefs. Dark archetypes passing off as real people in our lives (eg-thinking we have a Bad Mother because she channels dark energy when she's upset or overwhelmed.)

6. Energetic Defense Systems; negative response patterns. Holding others accountable for the dark channeling through, while loving their true spirit self. Knowing it is their wounded inner children you are witnessing in their bad behaviour. Offering to love them but refusing to engage with the dark through them.

7. Karma and soul level relationships. Being complete with a relationship.

Healing Skills:

Relationship Process, chakra walk for any person or issue

Energetic Defense Systems and how to replace them with HE truth

Masculine/Feminine process

Scanning the energies of any relationship including soul and Spirit dimensions


Course 7: Surrender to Love,  the Mystical Path

Surrender of the Limited Self, Choosing Happiness, The Wow of Now, the Mystical Path, Living from Unity Consciousness

1. Exploration of personal architecture. Defining and exploring the holosphere.

2. Surrendering it all. Giving up attachments. What are you surrendering to? The power of intention, trust, faith, willingness to change and give-up; the need to surrender to become real and whole.

3. Choosing Happiness, The Now of Happiness - Suspend in the moment... Options Arise! (the Wow of Now)

4. The Inner Beloved, seeing only the Face of God, living the Mystic experience of Oneness. Surrender to Love, to God. Taking orders. Obeying Guidance. Tuning to Love. Tuning to the Heart

5. Wounds of the Heart and how to open and heal them through the Presence of HE and Love.

6. Identifying what Masters are working with you.

Healing Skills:

Surrender process, from within a pattern.

Now of Happiness process

Walking with a Master 

Using surrender as a method of eradicating dark consciousness. Attaining inner emptiness.

Heart Healings


Course 8: Personal Mastery

Living your personal Mastery, Sacred Activism, Evolutionary Involvement, The Web of Life, Manifesting & Money.

1. Life purpose, world service. Unique soul fulfilment. 

2. Sacred activism, spirit in action, new consciousness on the planet, what breaks your heart, charity. 

4. Love is Better, not More is Better

3. 4 Directions, Manifesting

4. The power of intention. Straight arrow, no bullshit, co-creating, no denial, ruthless self-scrutiny. Working from Light and humility and love from HE. Fierce, earnest, hard-working, God helps those who help themselves, dedication, commitment, consequential follow-through. Working from the Master level. Personal Mastery.

5. Manifesting through Web-of-Life, being Guided, stories. Process for manifesting, making your list 

6. Money as a flow, personal relationship with Money

7. Graduation

Healing Skills

Mini-healings of all types summarized

Making feelings-based lists

Working from Master level

4 Directions


Certification Program in Advanced Energy Healing

During years 1 and 2, students will focus on learning healing techniques for personal use. The skills learned can be integrated into healing practices the students may already be engaged in. Year 3 focuses directly on learning the healing skills for use with clients. Energetic connection, clairvoyant scanning, egoless interpretations, recognizing which dimension an energy is in, recognizing different types of energies including various diseases and conditions, channeling of various energies, accessing spirit on behalf of others, recognizing different levels of dark consciousness, knowing when to open an energy and when not to attempt it, and issues of integrity in healership are just some of the topics to be covered. 

Homework will be assigned at the end of each course during all three years for students in the certification program. Personal healing sessions will be required as well. Certification will occur when all the homework requirements are fulfilled as well as the completion of a case study, a final written and oral exam and a mentoring and supervision program. The student must be able to demonstrate the required level of healing skills, integrity in healership and understanding of energies and dimensions to attain certification.


Course 9: Exploring Physical Conditions

Channeling with the Hands, Interacting with Diseases, Physical Healing & Etheric Restructuring, Recognizing the patterns of emotional conditions and mental illnesses, Developing energetic awareness of supplements and remedies, Testing energetically for beneficial programs for healing.

1. Hands-on healings. Channeling energies. Channeling through energetic patterns to transform the core. Letting hands be guided. 

2. Opening clairvoyance and clairsentience. Drawing the fields, before and after a healing.

2. Scanning within the body. Using hands to scan and move energies. Locating energies and their cores. Opening with hands and drawing in HE of different types.

2. Embodiment of spirit. Quantum, atoms, etheric template. Relating to the body as physical energy. Love incarnate. What is DNA? Is it fixed or does it change through time?

3. Etheric template, etheric healings, and etheric restructuring. Lifting out emotional debris. Feeling when consciousness shifts to Emotional Body (EB), then to Mental Body. Feeling when it is clear enough to reinsert the etheric template.

4. Which organs and glands are in each chakra. The illnesses of each chakra and how they match the consciousness of the chakra.

5. Listening to the body energetically. Letting it be in charge. Authentic movement.

6. The energies of different illnesses. Cancer. Dialoguing with the energy of an illness. Needing to heal the soul level as well.

Skills taught

Etheric restructuring

Etheric template healing

Hands-on techniques

Practicing energetic dialogue, especially with energies of diseases



Course 10: Advanced Healing Skills 

Developing each individual's unique healing skills, furthering Clairvoyance & Clairsentience, mastering the processes of Advanced Energy Healing, deepening accuracy of energetic scanning.

Steps in a Healing

Energetic Connection

Role of creativity and intuition, being guided in the healing process

Further skill development in ART, ED, IC, and all other processes

Knowing your own patterns, accurate interpretation

Developing each individual's unique healing skills, furthering Clairvoyance & Clairsentience, mastering the processes of Advanced Energy Healing, deepening accuracy of energetic scanning

Skills taught

Fine tuning of skills already learned

Inventing personal skills

Steps in a Healing


Course 11: Healership Integrity 

Healership issues, Integrity, Standards, Professional Standards, Healing Practice as Spiritual Practice, Record keeping, Continuing development of skills.


Course 12: Final Week 

Presentation of Case Studies, Demonstrating Healing Skills, Mentoring of Skill Development, Final examination, Graduation.

A continuing supervision program will be available for students recently graduated.




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