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Students comment on their experience at SEE


"Tanis’ masterful teaching, patient guidance and deeply intuitive teaching style are a gift that she freely shares with each and every student. Tanis is highly adept at supporting not only the group but also the individual at the same time. Her classroom is unlike any other and every single student has the opportunity to blossom and transform under her profound expertise."

"I entered the school as a self-assured, spiritual person. I always had a keen interest in spiritual matters, health, self-improvement, the afterlife and the supernatural. The first two courses blew out of the water any other spiritual endeavour I had encountered. I learned tangible, concrete content on the what and where of the non-physical world... The whole course was chalk-full of new discoveries."

"Through this work I began healing parts of myself I had no idea were even wounded and needing attention. That is the beauty of this work. It goes deep, so those who are called to it should be ready for profound change and healing."

"I cannot say enough about Tanis as a teacher. She has a great depth, a superior intellectual mind, is a wonderful story-teller, full of humour, and is super down-to-earth. She is truly connected and guided by Spirit and knows this body of work intricately, as it is her life's work."

"Tanis is one of the world's great spiritual leaders, who's work needs to reach the many." 

"I was called to connect more deeply with Spirit. Through the courses I was reminded of what I had forgotten as a child. Through the program I learned skills that allow me to be a fully balanced human being, who can see the LOVE in all things."

"Tanis' spiritual teachings are unique." 

"Coming to SEE was a precious discovery and an enormous relief for me as I started to understand and learn the energetic reality of my own being and of human interactions. The skills I learned made shifts in consciousness possible and produced measurable inner growth."

"Tanis can make what seems to be beyond reach into a part of our own inner reality in a very practical and inspiring way."

"Tanis' depth of wisdom, authenticity, love and compassion shine through her teaching.

"This school has changed my life. I've been given the gift of introspection, of true healing, of serenity, peace and being witness to the most light-filled, precious places in each and every being on this planet, and of deep connection with Spirit and the Spirit that lives in each of us and is us."

"Tanis is the most masterful, loving teacher I've ever worked with. She is intelligent, wise, loving and real. She's lived life, done the work and walked the path. She is also playful, fun, and always speaks truth. She can look right into your soul and teach you how to do the same, and to always live from love, the way she so powerfully does." 


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