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Rays and Masters

The Rays and the Masters

Workshop Notes

Compiled by Tanis Day, December, 2003

The Rays and the Masters

Workshop Notes

Overall Info

Energy is life force. Energy is the means through which creation takes place.

The seven Rays embody and express the totality of all energies circulating through form, at least as we know form at present and on this planet. Rays represent the planetary Logos in the definition and expression of His purpose. They are emanated and withdrawn in cycles.

The primary Ray of our Solar system (and maybe of all life) is the second Ray of Love and Wisdom. All other Rays coming to our planet come first through the Ray of Love, then split into various sub-rays. Love is all-inclusive, so all the other energies can be found first in it.

You can call-in any of the Rays. They are infinite. Each Ray has aspects of consciousness it carries. As the Rays radiate forth they produce change, disturbance, progress and unfoldment. They create needed forms, and vitalize and qualify that through which divine intention is expressing. They intensify both the quality of consciousness and the receptivity of consciousness. When they withdraw, they cause cessation or dying-out of form aspects, institutions and organizing organisms. This produces cycles of destruction and cessation to make room for new forms and expressions.

In general, the Rays can be thought of as follows:

  1. The will to create and the power to begin. Shakes out the old and ushers in the new. (Red)
  2. Everything is done in love and through the higher mind. Teaches the new. (Blue)
  3. Creates abstract principles and new foundations. Begins to make concrete. (Yellow)
  4. Finds harmony through tensions and contrasts. Makes use of duality for beauty, art, nature. (Green)
  5. Gets specific and concrete. Organizes and works out the details. (Orange)
  6. Attends to God with discipline. Orients physical back to the divine. (Indigo Blue)
  7. Begins the process of becoming God through transmuting the physical to the divine blueprint. (Violet)

The Higher Rays

  1. Cleanses and heals to enable transmutation. (Green–Purple)
  2. Creates the potential for the light body. Attracts the full potential of the soul-level. (Light Blue–Green)
  3. Realizes the light body in physical form. Utilizes higher aspects of self in the physical plane. Embodying spirit. (Pearl-luminosity)
  4. Unlocks service with no question. Higher purpose. Helps balance and stabilize self for what’s coming. (Orange-Pink)
  5. Living Christ Consciousness. Conscious interaction with the Source. (Gold)

The Rays are used to create the physical and non-physical bodies. Each of the energy bodies can be related to a different Ray. The Rays can also change over time and across lifetimes. The Ray of the Monad doesn’t change often, and only as the Consciousness of the Cosmos evolves.

Rays 1, 2 and 3 are the primary trinity of energies. Rays 4, 5, 6 and 7 seem to emanate from aspects of Ray 3, the stepping down from spirit into physical form and experience. Rays 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 may emanate from aspects of Ray 7, the re-unification with spirit in form.

The first three Rays are introverted, the last three are extroverted, and the fourth blends the two.

Any Ray energy can lead to enlightenment. God appreciation and discovery is in them all, although some are easier paths to follow than others.

Ray One: Will, Power and Drive (Red)

General Characteristics

Exciting, stimulating, vitalizing, very dynamic and direct force, powerful, forceful. Uses will and focus to move swiftly through resistance to accomplish goals.

Like Aries, the first part, initiative, thrust, breaks down the old to make way for the new, clears out and thrusts forward during crisis and change, establishes a path for other energies to follow. Says “This is important. This is new.”

Personal traits

Determination and drive, starts but gets bored, doesn’t like details, interested in challenges especially in new areas, ignores all obstacles.

Very focused, strong willpower, courage, steadfast, large-minded, born leader.

Fearless of consequences and indifferent to comment, has strong feelings, loves strong contrasts, has little care for style or finish.

Persistent, never gives-in, can be depended upon, strong, trenchant, dramatic, emphatic, succinct.

Has strength, courage, truthfulness, fearlessness, grasps questions in large-minded way.

Likes crashing music and colourful art.

Negative traits

Can be harsh, unrelentingly hard, ruthless.

Can lead to conflict and war.

Can have pride, ambition, willfulness, arrogance, desire to control others, cold.

Can lead others seemingly mindlessly. Can become tyrannical, controlling, cruel.

In the emotional body, can be threatening, pushy and explosive.

Occupations: Politician, leader, explorer, executive, manager, pioneer.

Examples: Winston Churchill, General Patton.


Uses of the 1st Ray

To pull a condition up out of the self.

To cut through resistance.

To energize or intensify something. Use this Ray when stuck in the dark.

To purge.

To accomplish things even if exhausted.

To focus on one thing at a time without obstacles.

Ray Two: Love and Wisdom (Blue)

General Characteristics

Unconditional love, peace, joy, the Love of the Creator, the positive approach to anything, inclusive, comprehensive, tranquil, use of love in any situation. Says “Do it with love, and make sure it fits into the learning experience of the people.”

Desire of pure knowledge and truth, wisdom, higher conceptual abilities, intuition, clear intelligence, sees the whole picture in detail. Divine perception, illumination. Higher mind, great mental concepts from the Universal Mind, emphasis on wisdom and dispassionate understanding, not knowledge.

The Christ, The Buddha. Great teachers of humanity.

Personal Traits

Magnetic, radiant, sharing, loving, allowing, considerate, friendly, responsible, calm, strong, serene.

Need a quiet space within themselves.

Patient, enduring, faithful, compassionate and understanding.

Will study carefully and earnestly to lay a foundation for spiritual understanding, then intuition and wisdom follow.

Love of truth.

Music is important, cosmic sound.

Second Ray bodies: Physical – placid; Emotional – peaceful, stable, mature, patient; Mental – very receptive, sees self as part of whole, tactful, with foresight; Personality – loving, friendly; Soul – Teachers, professions requiring higher conceptual abilities, ambassadors.

Negative Traits

Over-absorption in study, contempt of mental limitations perceived in others, coldness, indifference to others, self-pity, fear, the love of being loved.

Occupations: Teacher, Healer, Sage, Server, Scholar, Humanist.

Uses of the 2nd Ray

Use in any intense unpleasant environment to shift energy,

As a long-term solution for difficult relationships.

Can be added to anything to make it more pleasant.

To help bring in understanding of the big picture.

For healing.

To bring in positive energy whenever needed.

Ray Three: Active Intelligence and Higher Mind (Yellow)

General Characteristics

Concentrated, deep, focused, persevering, inventive, abstract thinking, higher math, music, philosophy, deep thinking. Not technical. Says “How shall we do it?”

Positive traits

Sees the big picture, can grasp the essence of a truth, can see every side of a question clearly.

Not much attention to details, art that’s full of thought and interest but not technically fine.

Good planning and strong organization but little awareness of consequences.

Stand firm on what they believe in even when alone, adaptable, creative.

Occupations: Philosopher, Organizer, Astrologer, Economist, Historian, Mathematician.

Negative traits

Intellectual pride, obstinant, cold, inaccurate in details, overly critical of others.

Selfish, devious, scheming, manipulative.

Hold on and not let go, tight, not loose enough to change and grow, may stay too busy.

Not able to see beyond the focus.

Uses of the 3rd Ray

To bring order to chaos,

To penetrate to the core of a problem,

To create new ways of thinking perceiving and analyzing.

 Ray Four: Harmony through Conflict (Green)

General Characteristics

Co-creates the physical world, fuses internal world with external world through practical expression, uses tension to produce beauty and harmony, Rules art and music and nature.

Reflects what hasn’t been finished, the way to attain a goal, to go beyond where you are now. Uncomfortable conscience.

Feels the need to express an idea, but then feels the agonies of correct expression, working from the inner to the outer to find balance

Duality, the beauty and the upheaval, the Agony and the Ecstacy, activity and inertia, resistance within the physical and emotional, struggle.

The way to overcome things that need overcoming, inner and outer conflict that leads ultimately to harmony.

Can launch change.

Positive Traits

Affectionate, sympathetic, courageous, generous, quick-witted, strong affectionate and devoted.

Delightful but difficult to live with, colourful character, strong contrasts, uses force, dramatic, exaggerated.

Loves ease and pleasure but with fiery urge to action, enthusiastic. Speculator, gambler, risk-taker,

Overwhelmed by sorrow or failures,

Artists seeking heights of expression from emotion, colourful, artists using big bold colours, music with melody, writer with exaggeration.

Appreciation for Earth living, comfortable, very physical, athletic, curious, changeable, likes fun, goes from one thing to another, needs physical activity to work off tension, catharsis.

Generalists, not focused workers.

Have to learn to experience the heights and release the depths, from ecstatic one day to despairing the next.

Occupations: Artist, Mediator, Architect, Poet, Negotiator, Psychologist, Athlete. Examples: Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso.

Negative Traits

Can have an unproductive level of conflict only, worrier.

In conflict, gets compulsive and self-feeding, going round and round, a roller-coaster of heights and depths.

Becomes comfortable in their trauma and their drama.

Creates the same problems over and over.

Inaccurate, self-centered, cowardly, extravagant, mood-swings, pessimistic.

Very aware of their own needs and desires, and defy those who tell them something else.

Uses of the 4th Ray

To increase Earth’s growth by raising this Ray to its highest aspect and not letting it stay in the low aspect its been in for a long time.

To find harmony when stuck in chaos. Use this Ray when stuck in the dark.

To appreciate the beauty of nature, art, music.

To find the harmony in tension.

To use emotional upheaval and struggle to launch growth.

Ray Five: Concrete Knowledge, Science, Logic & Reason (Orange)

General Characteristics

Scientific endeavour, uses intelligence to penetrate deeply into the cause of a situation. Understands the heart of the matter.

Productively undertakes a venture.

Pure intelligence, scientific principles, new breakthroughs, mental activity, logical, analytical, conceptual work.

Can penetrate to the core of a problem, reaches beneath the obvious, piercing, very detailed, persevering, focused, technical, clear and precise. Sees how everything fits together, can analyze, take apart, synthesize and put back together.

Learning, study, research, definition, descriptive accuracy and documentation.

Very important on the planet in recent times.

Outwardly focused on form, not inwardly.

Positive Traits

Lucid, clear, concrete, obvious, practical, makes practical applications, competent, likes technical aspects.

Keen intellect, awareness of detail, spares no effort to verify every theory. Extremely truthful. Has lucid explanations. Strictly accurate.

Has good sense of justice, perseverance, common sense, and is upright and independent.

Occupations: Scientist, Researcher, Engineer, Analyst, Inventor, Intellectual, Chemist, Surgeon.

Negative Traits

Resistance to esoteric studies and to spirit, lack of reverence.

Worried and fretting, cold, lack of sympathy, indifferent, inhumane, proud, lack of emotion or repressed emotionally, erratic.

Superiority, self-righteous, prejudiced, harshly critical.

Materialistic, over-emphasis on form.

Pedantic, long-winded, wearisome, emphasis on trivial details, uninteresting though competent, lacks fire and point.

Uses of the 5th Ray

To pull self out of emotional trauma and balance the emotional body.

To ‘go to the head’.

To examine and integrate the new age on the planet, to balance and integrate the new higher Rays. To use scientific research to push the ultimate conclusions about reality and to accept the inferences that follow.

To invent form.

Ray Six: Devotion and Idealism (Indigo Blue)

General Characteristics

Is centered on divinity, devotion, going beyond the earthly plane, specific point of view, focused on God, zest, enthusiasm, love of goodness, appreciation of prosperity.

Expands beyond form into abstract idealism.

Creates a pattern or a path and follows it automatically.

Created the religions and the churches, obedience, adherence to forms and creeds. Overcomes pain and suffering through obedience for the imagination, the purity of evotion.

Automatic – once the form is created, it keeps functioning until it gets changed. Therefore gets stuck in the sub-conscious (mental body), Persistent, reliable, rule following, adherence to holding onto patterns, worship. Dogs.

A heavy energy in the past, now lightening. Pilgrims, ministering, sacrificing, missionaries.

Positive Traits

Devotion, love, tenderness, reverent.

Receptive, passive, loyal, worshipful, tranquil, gentle influence, sentimental.

Fiery zeal, devoted, aggressive, religious, striving toward ideals, strong aspirations.

Emotional, inspired, enthusiastic, idealistic, single-minded, everything either perfect or intolerable.

Intuitive, loving, has a personal God, a deity to adore.

Includes saints and fanatics.

Occupations: Minister, Mystic, Missionary, Devotee, Orator, Crusader, Priest, Nun, Monk, Soldier

Negative Traits

Zealous, self-righteous, rigid, rule-follower, fanatical, fervent believer.

Stuck, narrow-minded, fundamentalist, unchanging.

Naïve, sentimental, religious, interfering, selfish, jealous, deceptive, prejudiced, judgmental.

Overly emotional responses, fiery anger, partiality, overly-quick response.

Lay down their lives or the lives of others for their beliefs, but not help those outside their beliefs.

Uses of the 6th Ray

To make a path be followed automatically.

To help with discipline.

To focus on the divine.

To help in striving for ideals.

Ray Seven: Magic, Ceremonial Order, Transmutation (Violet)

General Characteristics

Artistry, precision, beauty, sensitivity, heights of consciousness through beauty, and reverence for the divine in nature and art, mental poise, politeness, cleanliness. Religious ceremony, mystery, magic, ceremonial order, ritual, especially in groups. Highly organized, with rules, meticulous in action, with emphasis on creative process not organizational. Manifests ideas into form, building through the power of thought. Formal, polished, high expression of form in art or music. Precise, delicate, intricate, all things done decently and in order, following rule and precedent, processions, shows, rituals, social rules, emphasis on manner not matter. Cats.

The Violet Flame: Transmuting to a higher lever, bringing our awareness and understanding to a specific point, enabling us to understand our movement forward to a higher level experience, to identify precisely what needs to be done to see divinity clearly.

Positive Traits

Strength, perseverance, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliant.

Socially successful, follows the rules, does the right thing at the right time. The High Priest, the genius in an organization. The perfect nurse for the sick, careful in the smallest detail. Designer of beautiful art forms, sculpture, fluent in writing style with less attention to the content.

Occupations: Builder, Magician, Administrator, Designer, Revolutionary, Artist.

Negative Traits

Disregards individuality and idiosyncracy.

Superstitious, watches for omens, dreams, spiritualistic phenomena, psychics.

Bigotry, narrow, superficial.

Uses of the 7th Ray

To ritualize something meaningful.

To help with social graces.

Use of the Violet Flame:

To cleanse, purify, make clear to see what the next step is.

The Higher Rays

Ray Eight: Cleansing, Lifting (Green-Purple)

For cleansing and transmuting the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Combines Rays 4, 5 and 7.

Beginning to transmute from 7th to 9th, the body of Light. But in order to do so, we need to be cleaned first. Use the 8th Ray for cleaning.

Helps us go beyond what has been experienced for ages on Earth.

Gets rid of pain, loosens up old energy, raises vibration to a level that is clearer, and helps create a new base.

Ray Nine: Joy (Light Blue-Green)

Lifts to help soul-merge. Continues cleansing.

Attracts full potentialities.

Body of light becomes possible, not fully realized, but as a potential, seen as part of physical existence, as part of soul-level experience.

Combines Rays 1 and 2. The potential and thrust into new possibilities combines with the reaching for the Christed level of the self.

Use it to embody your soul-level light-body, and to connect with the universal body of light.

Attracts the electrical, or the finer vibration of the higher-self body.

Ray Ten: The Light Body (Pearl-luminosity)

The divine blueprint coding in the physical, anchors the electrical into the physical body.

Combines 1, 2 and 3.

To code divinity into the self. Ray 9 gets you almost there. Ray 10 gets you there and holds you there to realize the light body in physical form, to lock in the changes you want to make.

A higher vibration, it might cause adverse effects in the body such as changes in sleep, feeling unfamiliar, weird, or flooded with energy. Use Rays 8 and 9 to help.

Utilizing higher potentialities of self. Using the potentials used in the spiritual planes in the physical plane too. Full balancing of masculine and feminine energies.

Intensity increases in a constant process with resting points, like landings on a staircase.

When fully realized, the 10th Ray allows the Oneness of Self to be experienced.

Ray Eleven: Service (Orange-Pink)

The next level, it unlocks service with no question. Seek a higher purpose.

Divine love and divine wisdom.

Combines 1, 2, 5 and white. Is direct, loving and penetrating.

A bridge to a whole new way of human life, a new era in human living.

A remnant remover, the final remover of former remnants.

(Could mean war and catastrophe to clear out the last bits, but can use the penetrating quality and see beyond the need for catastrophe through adding divine love.)

Helps to balance self, to be stable for what’s coming in the 12th Ray.

Ray Twelve: The New Age (Golden)

A combination of all the Rays from 1 to 11.

The energy of the New Age. A new level for Humanity and the Earth to be in touch with Christ Consciousness.

A new beginning.

Conscious interaction with the source, for humanity to understand its own part in the cosmos.

It reflects the clarity of the Source, it helps to understand immediately.

It raise up whatever is there to aid in the realization process.

The focus of the highest type of energy available on the Earth.

Use it to create a vortex or column of golden light to swirl down through self and into the planet, to raise the vibration of anything it is directed to in a positive and harmonious way.



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General Info on the Ascended Masters

Each human is moving through an evolution of soul throughout many incarnations. That evolution is guided by Spirit. There is a Divine Plan that determines the evolution of life on our planet over millions of years. It’s overseen by Spirit energies. It’s stepped down to our planet through Shamballa, a location in etheric matter near the Gobi Desert. This is where the Will of God is anchored on the planet.

The Ascended Masters are spirits who have been human, and have completed the evolutionary journey to a point at which they have come into mastery of all aspects of human life. They are able to transcend the physical. They are able to live fully from Christ Consciousness in both spirit and form at all times. At this point they become able to guide other humans from the non-physical dimensions.

All the Masters are able to project an image of themselves to humans. When people ‘see’ the Masters, such as the many reported sightings of Mary worldwide, this is what’s happening. Ascended Mastery seems to mean being able to create an etheric vehicle, whether or not it also takes physical form. Sometimes they can also materialize and de-materialize at will, thereby creating new human lives when it suits them to do so, or when humanity is in need of another physical dose of their presence.

The Hierarchy is a spiritual organization of Master energies, working in devotion to life on this planet. They oversee the working out of the Divine Plan. The energies of God’s love and will are stepped down to this planet through the Hierarchy and the Masters. The energies are too powerful by themselves to be received by humans. The Master energies make them accessible to us.

Some of the Masters have specific jobs within the Hierarchy. They hold ‘posts’ within the organization and have specific responsibilities associated with the Ray of their own strength. Other Masters seem to be teachers of humanity without specific aspects beyond that.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

The Solar Logos is the great being of our Solar System. It steps down the universal energies through our Sun. The seven Rays also pass through the sun as they come to Earth. The evolution of the Universal energies is towards the expression and manifestation of love.

The Planetary Logos ensouls life on the Earth. He is called Sanat Kumara. He’s the spirit energy that steps down consciousness to our planet. Sanat Kumara is the Lord of the World. He is an incarnation of the Planetary Logos. He can be thought of as the personality of the World. He is the manifestation of the Lord of our Earth’s scheme. He keeps the world together in his awareness. His is the source and root of all human consciousness. He stands firm with the Earth and her evolution until the end of this life-cycle. He shows the way to overcome Illusion and Matter. He lives in etheric form at Shamballa. Some say he is Melchisedek.

Under Sanat Kumara come the three Buddhas of Activity. Each oversees one of the three primary Rays of Aspect. They are the Manu, The Christ, and the Mahachohan. They are like department heads. They are focused around The Christ since he is the supreme expression of Love/Wisdom on the planet, and the universal destiny is the expression of love.

The first, The Manu, oversees the 1st Ray of Will and Power. He oversees government, social order, and politics, as well as the founding, direction and dissolution of racial types. He is able to move mountains. He can use the 1st Ray destructively to break down old systems when they need clearing away for the free expression of the human spirit. He can use it constructively to create the synthesis of the past that creates the seed for the new. One of the Master energies takes the post for periods of time. Master R has recently become the Mahachohan, leaving his post as the Chohan of Ray 7. This is because the new age of evolution on the planet will make strong use of the 7th Ray.

The second Buddha of Activity is the Christ, also known as Lord Maitreya. He oversees the 2nd Ray and is the World Teacher. He teaches how to become reunified with the Source. ‘Christ’ means return to the source of creation. He embodies the consciousness of ascension. The human Jesus is believed to have been ensouled by Christ for the last three years of his life. He is also known as the Bodhisattva and the Iman Madhi, Krishna, Jesus and Sananda. He is the Lord of Love and Compassion. His predecessor was Buddha, the Lord of Wisdom. To him is committed the guidance of the spiritual destinies of humans to the realization that each is a child of God. He seeks to energize the indwelling consciousness within the human form so that the body can eventually be dropped, and the liberated spirit freed to move on.

The third Buddha of Activity, the Mahachohan, ensures that inner spiritual purpose finds expression and materializes in the physical plane. He works closely with the devic kingdom, building all manifestations of nature. He is the Lord of Civilization. He has had many human incarnations including St. Germain, Count Rakoczi, and both Roger Bacon and Francis Bacon. The post of Mahachohan lasts for much longer than those of the Manu and the Christ. The energies of the four Rays of Attribute stem from this domain.

Under these three main leaders work seven Masters, each of whom oversees, or acts as a custodian of one of the Rays. They are known as Chohans of the Rays. They direct and guide the energies of the Rays in specific cycles. However, there is not complete agreement on which Master works with each Ray. Different sources line them up differently.

Ray 1 – El Morya or Serapis

Ray 2 – Kuthumi (or Koot Hoomi), or Jesus

Ray 3 – Paul The Venetian, or Kuthumi

Ray 4 – Serapis, or Hilarion

Ray 5 – Hilarion, or El Morya

Ray 6 – Jesus, or Paul The Venetian

Ray 7 – St Germain

Within each Ray there are a number of Masters whose work is overseen by the Chohan of their Ray. There also seem to be some Masters whose work is not associated with any of the Rays. Each master seems to have his or her own Ashram in the etheric plane.

Some of The Ascended Masters


Djwhal Khul


El Morya



Gautma Buddha



John the Baptist


Lady Nada






Paul the Venetian


Saint Germain

Sanat Kumara

Serapis Bey




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