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Have you ever said, "There's got to be more to life than this! What am I missing?" 

Energy Awareness is the missing link!

This is truly life-changing material, unlike anything else.

Applying this information will transform every aspect of your life including your relationships, work, health, creativity and fulfilment.

For personal and professional use.

"Tanis' spiritual teachings are unique." SEE student comments...

Individual Stories... 

Each healer is unique!

Tanis can help you develop your unique talents and hone your skills. Clear blocks, develop clairvoyance, intuition and your unique stream.

Tanis is highly skilled at helping healers of all modalities to expand and hone their abilities.

Book a session with her to explain what you do, and have her aid you in developing your skills even further.

By scanning your energy fields she can see what is happening in your work and help you to clear or hone or further your talents and capacities.


Book a session. $200 CAD per session of 90 minutes. info@energyenlighten


Sessions can be by phone or Skype.

Offering Description Price Video

Online Mentoring Session

Book an Online Mentoring session with Tanis, delivered through Skype


$185.00 CAD