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6-Week Live Course - MASTER YOU: Manifest Higher Purpose through Energy Awareness


Do you feel stuck, blocked or confused about your direction in life? Do you question decisions and wonder who you might be without doubts? If so, Master You is for you! Learn novel awareness techniques to align with your own inner wisdom and spiritual guidance, enhance your intuition and develop inner signals. Connect energetically with your own Master Self in new ways and unleash the power of your unique contribution to the world!


Each class is 3 hours to provide opportunity for experiential learning, questions and individual feedback.

Course Content: 

Class 1. Learn what the human energy fields are and how to access them on purpose. Learn simple tools of energy awareness. Learn what 'dark consciousness' is and how it operates in the human system. Learn how to connect with your own field of Higher Consciousness and begin to develop an internal relationship with your higher nature and spiritual guidance.

Handouts: The Energy Fields, Dark Consciousness, Higher Consciousness

Class 2. Learn how to access your emotional field of consciousness. Learn simple skills for maintaining your field so as to remain open to receiving guidance and intuition. Learn to recognize your field of mental activity and how it operates. Learn to recognize dark consciousness in your mental field. Learn how to avoid having your mind leap to interpret spiritual guidance.

Handouts: Processes for Emotional Field Maintenance, The Central Alignment, Processes for Quieting the Mind

Class 3. Develop your ability to connect powerfully with your spiritual field of unconditional love, support and guidance. Discover your strongest channels of intuition. Hone your ability to interpret intuition accurately. Learn a variety of ways to connect with your own higher consciousness for advice and guidance.

Handouts: Channels of Intuition, Developing Intuitive Signals

Class 4. Explore your own soul nature, your passions and talents, your disposition and character. Learn to dialogue with your spiritual consciousness to receive advice and guidance on becoming more soul-inspired and empowered.

Handouts: Soul Types, Dialoguing with Spirit

Class 5. Learn the way dark consciousness keeps you from moving forward in irrational ways. Identify blocks in your fields that prevent you from moving forward. Learn healing skills for eliminating these blocks. Learn the Energetic Dialogue process for eliminating dark consciousness from your field.

Handouts: Perceiving Blocks in your Field, Energetic Dialogue Healing Process

Class 6. Learn to access Oneness, the organic totality of all life and all consciousness. Learn to live in the flow, in harmony with all life everywhere.  Explore the Four Directions as a tool for accomplishing intention. Learn to harness synchronicity and become a co-creator of your future. Learn to be the physical embodiment of your own higher nature. Become Spirit having a Human experience!

Handouts: The Holosphere Process, The Four Directions


MASTER YOU: Manifest Higher Purpose through Energy Awareness

Course Design:

You participate weekly in a 3-hour class, totalling 18 hours over 6 weeks.

Course materials to be sent out following each class.

It is recommended that you also book individual sessions with Tanis to deepen your understanding and to ensure you personally experience the class content.

Classes are at predetermined times and will be recorded for access if you can't make the set time.
Personal sessions are booked directly with Tanis for your convenience.

Space is limited.

Online Class Dates: Thursdays, April 26 to May 31, 2018

Time: 2:00-5:00 pm GMT-5 (EDT)

Personal session times to be booked with Tanis individually

Fee: $850 CAD (18 hours at $47/hr)