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6-Week Live Course - SMART CONNECTIONS: Improve Relationships through Energy Awareness


Are you stuck in challenging relationships? Are you mystified why people react to you as they do? Then Smart Connections is for you! Learn novel techniques for exploring relationships energetically. Gently expose your unconscious patterns and transform them permanently. Change challenging people through changing yourself in ways you love. Affect group energies for the better! 


Each class is three hours to provide opportunity for experiential learning, questions and individual feedback.

Course Content: 

Class 1. Learn what the human energy fields are and how to access them on purpose. Learn simple tools of energy awareness. Learn what 'dark consciousness' is and how it operates in the human system. Learn how to connect with your own field of Higher Consciousness. Learn how relationships involve all your fields and chakras as well as engaging the fields and chakras of the other person or people.

Handouts: The Energy Fields, Dark Consciousness, Higher Consciousness

Class 2. Learn the energetic system in which chakras are recognized as fields of consciousness. Learn to perceive energetic patterns from inside your chakras. Learn how chakras react to stimulus. Learn simple skills for improving how you feel through accessing the consciousness within each chakra. Learn to bring higher consciousness into each chakra for peace and safety.

Handouts: The Chakra System, Perceiving Energy Forms, Processes for Chakra Maintenance

Class 3. Explore 'chakra talk', the ongoing flow of energy information back and forth between two people. When one person acts, how does the other person's field respond? Explore some of your core chakra patterns. Examine how you react to various relationships in your life. Learn how changing you will change the relationship.

Handouts: Chakra Talk Examples, Stimulus-and-Response Chakra Walk Process

Class 4. Learn how your field of mental consciousness operates. Explore how your mental field continuously creates its own reality through assumptions, interpretations and projections. Learn to recognize the effects of dark consciousness in your thoughts. Learn how projections work and the problems they create. Practice looking through the eyes of higher consciousness to see the other person the way spirit does. 

Handouts: Projections Example, Photo Game

Class 5. Learn how gender history in the soul field affects your relationships. Explore your inner feminine and inner masculine energies. Meet Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, and discover the nature of the Divine Union. Learn a healing process for evolving toward the Divine energies, both within yourself and in your outer relationships. 

Handouts: Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Process 

Class 6. Learn how group consciousness works energetically. Learn to work with groups by connecting with the collective consciousness. Discover how to shift group consciousness from within the group. Explore the chakras of a group consciousness and explore how groups interact with each other energetically. Explore the power of Love as a starting point for all relationship issues. Learn the 52 Faces of Love process for bringing love to every situation.

Handouts: 52 Faces of Love Process


SMART CONNECTIONS: Improve Relationships through Energy Awareness

Course Design:

You participate weekly in a 3-hour class, totalling 18 hours over 6 weeks.

Course materials to be sent out following each class.

It is recommended that you also book individual sessions with Tanis to deepen your understanding and to ensure you personally experience the class content.

Classes are at predetermined times and will be recorded for access if you can't make the set time.
Personal sessions are booked directly with Tanis for your convenience.

Space is limited.

Online Class Dates: Wednesdays, Apr 25 to May 30, 2018

Time: 2:00-5:00 pm GMT-5 (EDT)

Personal session times to be booked with Tanis individually

Fee: $850 CAD (18 hours at $47/hr)