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Principles and Practices of SEE

12 Principles and Practices of the School of Energy Enlightenment

February, 2012.

1. The work is based in a working knowledge and a developed awareness of the energy fields, the dimensions and the chakras, including the higher chakras.

2. The work involves moving your point of awareness to different locations in the fields, not just thinking about or imagining being in different locations.

3. The work happens through direct relationship with the Higher Energies, not mediated through the Third Eye mental body.

4. Energetic constructs contain consciousness. Healing happens when a core construct converts to spiritual truth through direct relationship with the Higher Energies.

5. Each individual doing this work stands in full personal responsibility for where they're at in the work. They know what they know; they know what they don't know; and they know that they don't know. This allows the body of knowledge to continue expanding.

6. The work involves understanding the nature of dark consciousness, creating options about engaging with it and clearing it from the fields.

7. The work involves a working knowledge of masculine and feminine energies, both human and Divine.

8. The work aims toward mystical union through surrender.

9. The work is always guided from a Higher order.

10. The work is playful, open, all-embracing, creative, fun and light-hearted.

11. The work acknowledges the absolute uniqueness of each being and therefore benefits from cross-fertilization.

12. Sacred Activism. The work can be taken out into the world in three ways: as better people, as content in all applications, and as itself.


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