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Individual Student Stories

One Woman's Story

"Tanis Day changed my life! There is quite simply no other way to say it!

Before working with Tanis I was living a very nice life with my family. My young sons were happy and healthy and my professional life was moderately successful and fulfilling. I was a healthy middle class woman with two cars and a four-bedroom house in a quiet little suburb.

Looking back, what I realize was that, while I was reasonably content in my life, I always had the feeling that something was missing. I felt that there just had to be more to life than what I was living. At the time, I kept these thoughts at bay because I felt guilty. By society’s standards, I had it all, and yet I wanted and yearned for more. But it wasn’t more stuff, more money, a bigger house or a sexier car than my 2005 Toyota minivan.

What I yearned for was passion, fun, magic, connection and unbridled joy. In 2008, I met Tanis, the woman who showed me that what I secretly yearned for was already inside me just waiting to be discovered. And she had the tools to help me unlock and unleash my True Self.

Ten years later I am living a life far beyond my wildest dreams. Tanis has taught me how to be in conscious and healthy relationship with money, how to clear dark energy from my field, how to understand projections, unconscious triggers and how to care for my precious inner children.

In May of 2014 I became an eager student at the School of Energy Enlightenment. My two years in the school catapulted me into a whole new life. In two years I learned more about others, the world and myself than I had ever dreamed. I learned about relationship, about love, about true masculine and feminine, and about the power of living my daily life from deep energy awareness.

Tanis’ masterful teaching, patient guidance and deeply intuitive teaching style are a gift that she freely shares with each and every student. Tanis is highly adept at supporting not only the group but also the individual at the same time. Her classroom is unlike any other and every single student has the opportunity to blossom and transform under her profound expertise.

Today, I am a graduate of the School of Energy Enlightenment and part of the pilot group of SEE 2.0. With each and every class I learn and grow beyond the bounds of what I am currently living. It just keeps getting better and better!

I simply cannot recommend Tanis more highly and I would be delighted to connect with anyone who is considering catapulting their life towards fulfilment, joy and love like they have never before experienced!"

Kate Cook, owner Spring Coaching, Canada


Another Story

"I decided to join this school because of the profound experiences I'd had working with Tanis in the healing room and I was so drawn to do more ~ and with more intensity and commitment. So I committed to take the first course and that's all I really planned to do. But as I got a tiny bit more of a taste of this work, I was hooked. I just knew I needed to come because there was such truth in it, a truth I felt I'd been disconnected from for so long. I wasn't sure how I would do it. but as soon as I intended to come, everything fell into place for it to happen.

I grew up in a confined, rule-based religion that didn't ring true for me in so many ways. It's hard, after two years in this program, and having undergone such an intense and profound transformation, to remember the person I was when I first walked through the door of SEE because that person is so purified and cleansed and so different from the truth I stand in today. I walked into this work on the first day, a person so full of paralyzing fear from years of telling myself that life isn't safe. I was so full of guilt, after years of listening to the dark voices that told me I could never do enough or be enough ~ that I barely even deserved to be alive on this planet. I was angry, confused, busy, worried and I carried the wounds from my past around with me like a merit badge of all the hurt I'd experienced! I was a person not in touch with my body or my Soul's purpose for being on the planet. I walked through my life kind of numb and not able to see all of the beauty around me. And I was angry! ~ at my parents, at my then partner, at work and at God. How could Spirit let all these things happen to me? Where was Spirit if Spirit existed at all?! I felt like a tiny, insignificant person who had no idea what my life purpose was or what being alive really was all about.

Tanis and this work through Tanis have completely transformed this. All of it! I've been given the gift of introspection, of true healing, of serenity, peace and being witness to the most light-filled, precious places that exist in each and every living being on this planet, and of deep connection with Spirit and the Spirit that lives in each of us, and is us. 

My relationships are all healed, I love my work as a teacher, I'm a better person, a better parent, a better partner and a better friend. And I love myself! I really love myself and now I carry this around and it has also started to transform the lives of those around me.

Tanis is the most masterful teacher I've ever worked with. She is intelligent, wise, loving and real. She's lived life, done the work and walked the path. She is also playful, fun, and always speaks truth, even when it's hard to hear. She can look right into your soul and teach you how to do the same, and to live always from love, the way she so powerfully does.

Karen Nancarrow, teacher and owner of Indigo Tutoring and Consulting

Editor's note: After Karen completed SEE, so did her sister, father, brother-in-law, cousin, cousin's wife, and many friends. She also met and married her new husband here! The power of this work touches everyone in the student's extended community. People witness the real transformation, the peace, happiness and fulfilment the student has attained through living with energy awareness, and they are in turn touched by it.