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2018 New In-Person Class Begins

June 2-4 and 9-11, 2018

Kitchener, ON


This two-year program will change your life for the better in unimaginable ways!

Learn a body of esoteric knowledge about energy, awareness, spirit and healing.

Understand yourself and the world as systems of energy and consciousness.

Change yourself and all your relationships to reflect your authentic self.

Connect with your higher self and spirit guidance every day.

Clear negative thoughts permanently.

Improve your health and well-being. 

Fulfil your life purpose.

Attain Personal and Spiritual Mastery through Energy Awareness!


Full 2-Year Curriculum

Week 1: Energy Awareness

Energy awareness, how energy and consciousness are the same, understanding templates of energy, understanding the human energy fields, meeting the higher energies of spirit, exploring the chakra system including the higher chakras, learning different styles of meditation, accessing hidden emotions, maintenance of the emotional/sensing field, understanding the mind as a field of energy, harnessing the mind, the parasitic nature of negative consciousness, separating from the inner critic, exploring the nature of past lives, understanding collective unconscious, exploring the energies of your personality, soul and spirit, learning new healing skills, learning to use energy awareness in everyday life.

Week 2: The Higher Energies

Building internal relationships with Higher Self, Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, developing intuition, receiving guidance, learning to interpret guidance accurately, experiencing self as Spirit, receiving unconditional love, opening to sensing energies, discovering personal talents for clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc, more healing skills, learn new tool for eliminating negative consciousness permanently, exploring spiritual initiations and merges.

Week 3: The Personality, this Lifetime

Exploring the timeline of your life, discovering unknown inner children, learning energetic defense systems, sub-personalities, exploring illusion/projection/mirroring, eliminating negative experiences, transforming inner relationships, exposing and transforming unconscious beliefs, loving the children, using Higher Energies to transform old pain, more healing skills.

Week 4: The Soul, Past Lives and the Collective

Exploring your unique soul nature, past life influences, understanding karma as energetic imprints, learning tools for healing past lives, exploring soul types, human archetypal beliefs, explore your astrological chart from an energetic perspective, learn to perceive energies in Nature, woods awareness, etheric creatures, communication with plants and animals, more healing skills.

Week 5: Healing Skills for Everyday Life

Healing skills for everyday life, wide variety of uses of energy awareness to improve daily experience, use of hands, clearing chakras using hands, energetic connection with others, essential self/body merge, dream analysis, chakra balancing, sound healing, the chakra walk and the chakra ladder, more healing skills

Week 6: Relationships and Groups

How chakras engage in relationships, finding underlying relationship patterns, transforming all pain from previous relationships, transforming unconscious patterns, how group consciousness forms and operates, ways to analyze relationships energetically, how to influence groups positively, accessing the Higher Energies of groups, more healing skills

Week 7: Masculine and Feminine and the Power of Love

Masculine and feminine energies, gender roles in past lives, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies and the Divine Union, the power of love, loving everything, surrender as a spiritual practice and a healing process, the path of the Beloved, more healing skills

Week 8: Personal and Spiritual Mastery

Personal and spiritual Mastery, quantum reality, how you actually create your own reality, the holosphere, the Now of Happiness, energy of money, sacred activism, energies of the four directions, fulfilling your life purpose, more healing skills.

Healing skills learned for personal use: 

Energy awareness, awareness release technique, energetic dialogue, inner child healing, the chakra walk and the chakra ladder, many forms of chakra clearing, chakra balancing, essential self/body merge, dream analysis, sound healing, conference table process, energetic relationship analysis, energetic stimulus and response, clairvoyant scanning, inner masculine and feminine process, divine union, use of hands, etheric restructuring, inserting the inverse template of an energy, breathing practices, authentic movement, third entity (meaning group consciousness) process, identifying projections, axis of the heart, chakras of the chakras, surrender process, 52 faces of love process, the now of happiness process, seven arrows/four directions process.


Class fees are $795 per six-day course, plus hst of 13%. Fees may be paid at the time of the class. Instalment options are available.


Classes are held every three months for two years. Each class is six days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, on back-to-back weekends. Class size is small so the group chooses the exact dates for its next class, to accommodate personal constraints.

Kitchener group starts July 7-9 and 14-16, 2018.


My promise to you!

Here are twelve developments you will master in your personal life over the first two years at the School of Energy Enlightenment:

1. To connect reliably with your own Higher Energies and live with the loving support of daily Spiritual Guidance
2. To transcend your egoic mental view of life and live comfortably from your Higher mind, with wisdom and happiness always available 

3. To recognize and c
lear dark consciousness from your fields, to heal negative beliefs permanently, including beliefs from past lives, and to stop getting re-triggered by the same issues 4. To improve all your relationships and understand the energy dynamics of any group you're a member of, to develop your sovereignty in all relationships
5. To deepen, expand and enrich your experiences of meditation, prayer, or any other spiritual or religious practice

6. To improve and maintain your physical health and well-being, to work toward healing physical disorders, to sleep well and rest well

7. To develop a variety of healing skills for personal use or for working with others

8. To develop your highest purpose for living and progress toward fulfilling your own unique vision

9. To embrace the evolution of your own life and the evolution of humanity, to engage in sacred activism in the inner and outer worlds

10. To develop perceptual awareness skills to observe energy, energy patterns or energy fields in everyday life, in healing work and in Nature

11. To intimately know and trust the love of Spirit and to see that love in all people and all life everywhere

12. To embody Spirit and become a carrier of spiritual Truth


For more information or to register:

519 744-6231