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Healing Story: A Sore Shoulder

A sore shoulder - this morning I have a shooting pain in my shoulder. It was a little tender going to bed last night, for no obvious reason, but I had expected a good sleep to see the end of it. Instead, pain had disturbed my restful night and my shoulder is really shrieking this morning.

                What are my options? I can ignore it and hope it will go away. I can run to the bathroom cabinet for Tylenol or some such thing. Or I can communicate with it. So I take a moment to sit quietly, connect with my Higher Energies, and get inside the pain. I find a mixture of red, orange and black streaks running in my arm. I choose to enter the red first as it seems the most immediate.

                As I access the feelings inside the red streak, I start to cry, with emotions of sadness and hurt feelings. I let it carry me back to the moment it first arrived in my field and it takes me back to last night, watching a movie. As my partner joined me I had used my arm in an odd motion to snuggle in closer to him, but my attention was on the movie and I didn’t notice the discomfort of the moment. Our delight with each other and joint enthusiasm for the movie eclipsed any pain of the moment. As I understand this experience, I choose to reconnect with the happiness of that moment and the sadness releases. I watch as the red energy dissolves away.       

                Next I enter the orange streak and find an embarrassment of having this small problem arise. A fear of being thought a hypochondriac comes since I have had a series of strange ailments recently. As I ask the Higher Energies about it, I realize that I don’t need to talk about it or make a fuss over it. I only look like a hypochondriac if I act like one, and I have no need for the attention. As I settle in with this understanding, the orange energy fades away.

                Finally I address the black energy. I ask what its purpose is in my arm and hear that it is there to hurt me. I sense this is secondary, not the core of the energy, so I track it up my arm and across the back of my heart chakra. I discover the most important place is a sheath encasing the back of my heart. I ask for its purpose again and it says it’s there to protect me from abuse. Yes, I can feel the familiarity of a supposedly ‘protective’ dark elastic, covering the back of my heart when I feel vulnerable. I realize there was a woman in the movie who made me feel that way, and I may have been looking at her in the moment I hurt my arm. I also sense that this dark energy is deep in my soul field, running through many past-life experiences. So I choose to be protected by my Higher Energies instead, and I feel the strength and internal power that comes in any abusive moment when the Higher Energies are there to protect. I allow this choice and the strong feeling that comes with it to move back through all past lives, making this choice for all the humanity I touch. As I break my contract with the dark stream, I feel part of it draining out of my body, dissolving from deep in my field. I know it isn’t completely gone, but it is significantly smaller than it was. I also feel strengthened in my ability to be protected from abuse by the powerful love of the Higher Energies. And so, I have used a small problem with my shoulder to get at a deep seated belief system from long ago.

                Meanwhile, my shoulder feels better, not so ‘locked up’ with the pain. I sense my tendon is irritated and inflamed, and that time, ice, and possibly an anti-inflammatory drug later on will resolve the remnants of the problem. At the very least, I don’t feel emotional about it, I know what caused it, and I have a plan for restoring it. I take a moment to feel into the etheric template of my shoulder as it is in good health, and intentionally activate it, to give the molecules a reminder of how they want to be. I sense an immediate reaction begin and know I should give it some rest today. OK!

                postscript – three days later my shoulder is absolutely normal. It had a mild ache the first day, a slight twinge the second and nothing by the third day.


written 2006


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