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Etheric Templates

Etheric Templates

Every physical object has an underlying ‘blueprint’, whether it is manmade or found in the natural world. With an architectural blueprint or an engineering design, physical objects are put together according to the specifics of the blueprint. In living tissue, this blueprint is a template of energy that molecules are inserted into. In a natural plant or animal, that template is etheric, made of light. It is like a coded matrix the molecules can be inserted into to create the form in the physical world. These templates are something like music, the symphony of the plant, or the song of the animal. They are the energetic signature of that form. Rather like fingerprints, each animal or substance has a uniquely recognizable template.

Since all objects have their own energetic signature, it becomes possible to ‘track’ those signatures. Say for instance an individual has consumed a drug. The energetic residue of the drug remains in their energy field long after the substance has been removed by the bodily systems. The etheric template remains. A person who has sensitized him or herself to perceiving these templates may be able to identify the residual traces of the signature in the person’s field. For example, a client came to me asking me to remove the effects of a castor oil pack she had applied as the oil had not agreed with her and she was reacting to it. I began by connecting with all my guiding higher energies and asking to be given the etheric template of castor oil in my hands. I received an etheric template and waited until my hands became familiar with its signature. Then I felt into her body and located the matching etheric template. Once I had the template in my hands I could gently disengage it and remove it from her field through a combination of radiating and magnetizing it with my hands. She claimed the physical reactions stopped after her treatment.

It is these templates of energy that are used in homeopathy. Each remedy is the etheric template of its original object. The more dilute the essence, the closer it gets to being a clean version of the etheric template of the substance.


written 2006


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