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Course 1: Energy Awareness Curriculum

Course 1: Energy Awareness

Introducing the skills of energy awareness and the perception of energy, Learning to access and make use of all the human energy fields and chakras, Exploring the higher spiritual energies, Using and maintaining the emotional body, Understanding how energy healing happens in the fields. (Pre-requisite for all other courses.)

This course teaches the foundation of all the esoteric energy work. It covers:

  • the human energy fields, how to feel them and make use of them on purpose
  • the chakras, including the higher chakras
  • the nature of dark consciousness and how to deal with it
  • the nature of your spiritual Higher Energies, and the relationships you can develop for profound love and guidance
  • the nature of past lives and how they influence present day experience, both individually and collectively
  • what meditation is and simple techniques to maximize your meditation experiences
  • relating to yourself and the world through energy awareness and developing energetic perception both internally and externally
  • the basics of healing through accessing the different fields
  • the energetic nature of Enlightenment and Ascension

You will learn

  • to recognize and manage your real emotions
  • to recognize when you are stuck in habits of thought and to step away from that egoic illusion
  • to recognize the unique signature of your own soul nature and feel it prompting your daily life
  • to connect in a profoundly loving embrace with your own Higher Energies for immediate assistance through unconditional support and Guidance
  • to recognize differences among the Higher Energies and how they work with you
  • to disengage from your relationships with negative thoughts and inner shaming voices, and begin to clear those invasive energies from your fields
  • a variety of energetic and spiritual tools for daily use that will improve your life dramatically.

Specific Topics

1. Energy Awareness, opening to energetic principles and practices for living in awareness of energetic patterns, signatures, experiences etc

2. Human Energy Fields: exploring, experiencing, in self and others

- Personality level: this lifetime. Includes Emotional Field and Mental Field, beliefs, uniqueness, history, illusion

- Soul Field: past lives, human history, core patterns

- Higher Energy Fields of Spirit, accessing, recognizing and receiving

3. Consciousness of the seven body Chakras, exploring and discovering the content and state of the chakras

4. Accessing the Higher Energies (HE) of Spirit, Guidance

Using the Higher Energies in everyday life for comfort, guidance and alignment. Building inner relationships with HE and Guidance.

5. Introduction to the existence of dark consciousness in both personality and soul fields:

- recognition of patterns, voices, habits

- patterns of wounded beliefs: bad, alone, not good enough, unworthy, powerless, not safe

6. Using the Emotional Field in everyday life, Emotional Maintenance, Recognizing needs

Maintenance of the Emotional Field: includes variety of practices for mastering the Emotional Body 

7. For Healers: Hands open, channeling energies, feeling into chakras, shifting with Higher Energies, experiencing different energies. Idea of Energetic Connection.

Healing skills

Energy Awareness, subtle energy sensation, starting clairvoyance etc

Locating and describing an energy in the body, moving awareness

Consciousness of the chakras

Entering the emotional body for healing

Identifying needs and understanding how needs affect outcomes

Using the Higher Energies to transmute energy patterns, get needs met, challenge beliefs

Opening hands and beginning scanning

Recognizing the template of the Higher Energies, own and other peoples'

Recognizing dark energy and beginning to clear it