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A Healing Story: A Car Accident

A Healing Story: A Car Accident

A woman came to see me many years ago. She had suffered brain damage in a head-on car accident twenty years earlier, and had a series of small strokes in the same area of her brain in the subsequent years. She had never had any memory of the accident. She was hoping I could help her with some of the consequences of the strokes.

As she began to observe the energies deep in her Third Eye chakra, she identified a singular energy with a pronounced core in the area that felt to her like the area of trauma. As she moved her awareness into the core of the energy, she began to feel sadness and fear. Suddenly she remembered the car accident. She remembered being thrown from the car and landing in the ditch, hurting her head and falling unconscious. As she moved back on the timeline of the story, she remembered seeing a car on the opposite side of the road come across the center-line straight toward her vehicle. She also remembered not swerving in time to avoid being hit. As she moved further back in the story, she remembered being very sad and almost suicidal as she had left her home only minutes before. She remembered fighting with her husband and leaving the house in a state of deep despair. She remembered that as she was driving, she had been thinking about her marriage and how terrible it was, and how she was going to have to leave it, but she couldn’t imagine how. It was during this emotional trauma that the approaching car had crossed the center-line and she hadn’t swerved in time. She realized not swerving had been almost on purpose, tempting herself with the idea of getting out of the marriage through death. When she was thrown from the car, she had the decision to make of whether to actually die or not, and she chose not to. So she survived the accident, but damaged her brain and had never recalled this sequence of thoughts and feelings since the day of the accident. Her marriage had ended as a result of her brain damage. With the help of her Higher Energies, she saw that the car accident had given her what she needed at the time, and that it hadn’t actually hurt anyone else. No one in the opposite car had been hurt. She was able to forgive herself for her feelings and for not remembering.

This woman was astonished to discover the entire stream of consciousness from the experience of her car accident laid down, just as it had been on the day it happened. I never saw her again after this first session. She let me know that she had reclaimed her life as being important and valuable, and had gotten on with setting new goals for herself. Instead of living as a victim of unavoidable bad luck, she saw she was an agent in the creation of her own destiny, and as such, she could get on with making her life the way she wanted it to be!

written 2006


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